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As a full service digital video agency, we can take you from initial concepts and scripting, to full scale productions, ending in the edit suite with your video on YouTube, or media placement on TV or the web.

We offer top notch customer service and walk you through the entire process step by step, keeping your planning and conscience at ease.

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Latest Work: Finding true love on the net

What do you do when you’ve got an online matchmaker program and scores of cute dogs and cats looking for a home? Tell people! When we sat down to produce the “Meet Your Match” spot for the OSPCA we knew we’d need something fun that could go viral and bring the best return for the charitable cause. What better way to do that, then with a parody, of the eHarmony dating ads everyone loves to hate. Scripting and execution were designed to make it appear as just any other dating ad at first, and then comedically reveal that our starry eyed talent wasn’t talking about their human partner, but instead a cat or dog.

The execution of the spot was designed to match the eHarmony ads in both style and format. We are currently placing the spot on television across Ontario and on the web. Give it a watch, if you don’t smile you’re probably a robot ;)



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